Hey! I'm Christina Xu.

I'm an organizational designer & ethnographer based in New York.

Photo Credit: Jesse Chan-Norris

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I believe in the importance of creating open-ended community spaces, helping people understand each other, and building organizational structures that enable sustainable creativity and redistribute power. I'm on a lifelong mission to eat every delicious fruit in the world.

I'm currently:

  • producing the first season of Multi Entry, a collection of essays and media that investigate the experiences of young creative people in China. The project was made possible by 231 Kickstarter backers in August of 2015.
  • teaching Entrepreneurial Design at the School of Visual Arts' Interaction Design MFA program along with Gary Chou for the third time.
  • funding cool projects as part of Awesome Foundation NYC. Apply if you've got a great idea that could use $1000!
  • available for client work in May and June, specifically short-term research projects that focus on how people interact with technology and digital culture. Email me if you've got something in mind!

I also serve as an advisor to:

In my previous lives, I ran Breadpig, a sidekick service for independent creators, where I advised on and produced $2 million worth of crowdfunding campaigns; served as the global coordinator for Awesome Foundation, an international group of guerrilla philanthropists; co-founded ROFLCon, an internet culture conference/convention that ran from 2008-2012; wrote a thesis on the history of interfaces and protocols for instant messaging.

Talks and Writings

Signal, Space, Structure: Designing for Communities of Interest
A simple framework for thinking about building communities of interest.
May 2015

Stop Blowhard Syndrome
A short essay that examines the opposite of impostor syndrome—blinding self-delusion—which is maybe the thing we should be pathologizing.
February 2015

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone | video, text
An epic origin story shouldn’t be required for independent creators to be successful. It made some people sad, but in a good way.
XOXO, September 2013

Your Project Deserves a Good Death
Every project comes to an end, so let’s get better at planning for project death!
Brio, April 2013


Interview in the Journal of Visual Culture
Tim and I were interviewed about ROFLCon for the “Internet Memes” special issue. I’m incredibly grateful to Laine and Laura for giving us the chance to explain some of the decisions behind the scenes.
December 2014

How I Work in Lifehacker
I tried to share the best of my productivity methods and not inventions as such as “modified Pomodoro”, which is what I call working for 20 minutes and then watching K-pop videos for 2 hours.
December 2013

Awesome Foundation profile in BBC News
Anna Bressanin from the BBC interviewed me about Awesome Foundation. I got us lost on the subway and we visited a fish farm in Bushwick funded by Awesome NYC.
July 2013

Guest on WBUR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook
I spoke with other guests about internet culture and ROFLCon. He had a dossier on each meme we talked about, and his favorite by far was “Texts from Hillary”.
April 2012